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My hip-hop anonymous story

Hi, everyone. My name is Cassie, and I’m a dysplastic.

First, a shout out to the hilarious movie “Big Daddy,” which inspired the title of this blog. Second, a little about me and why I’ve put this journal together.

I was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia in July 2006 at the age of 27 at the Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies in Fort Collins, Colo. by Dr. Stephen Yemm. I’d had problems in my left hip since I was about 18 years old, but the older I got, the more often and more fiercely the pain would show up. One summer day about a month before I was diagnosed, I decided to walk five blocks to return a movie I had rented. As I walked, in pain, I saw my reflection in the storefront windows: a bent-over, hobbling version of myself.

I looked ridiculous.

This was not the same person I was proud to be (a weight-lifter, volleyball player, basketball player, dancer, rollerblader, hiker, jogger … in short, a strong and athletic woman). It was then that I decided to make an appointment to f…