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1 year post op LPAO

Happy anniversary to me! A year ago, I was lying in a hospital bed, numb from the waist down. Today, I feel so many things ... grateful, relieved, happy and normal. And let's not forget what I'm not feeling: pain.

One year post op, my left hip feels better than it has in more than 1o years. Sometimes I'm amazed at what medical knowledge and technology has done for me. Seems crazy that cutting my hip apart in three places and screwing it back together has been so beneficial!

At this point:
Zero pain in my hip when walking, jogging and jumping.Deep groin pain when lying on my side and doing any external rotation (clam-shell type movement).
Numb patches are gone, replaced by a tingly feeling on my scar and within a three-inch radius. (I still don't like touching my skin here.)
Range of motion is about 90 percent of what it was prior to surgery.Clicking in the joint has increased considerably. I hear/feel it with almost every step, which does make my hip sore after about a half…

Metal detector test

As I prepared to walk through security at Denver International Airport last week, I wondered if the additional seven screws in my right hip would be enough to make the metal detectors screech.

I flew quite a bit after my first PAO and six subsequent screws. Through DIA, Chicago O'Hare, Washington Dulles and Seattle/Tacoma, the detectors remained silent. But what would happen when I doubled the amount of metal?


I'm happy to report that I had no problems at DIA or the Milwaukee airports.

Guess I'll never have to pull my pants down to show the security guards my scars. ;)