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1 year post-op RPAO

A year ago today, I woke up in a plush hotel that overlooked Commencement Bay in Tacoma, Washington. My mom and I took an early morning walk in the misty weather and picked up giant, brightly colored fall leaves from the ground.

A few hours later, my pelvis was cut open for my second surgery in seven months.

It seems like much longer than a year since that day. My initial recovery was smooth, and though it was not easy going through the long process, I'm so glad I did.

Happy to report I can:
Walk, run, do squats, lunges, with no pain in the joint, no matter how hard I work it. (And I've been working it pretty hard.) No limp or sign of dysplasia/surgery.
Sleep on my side all night.Feel a larger percentage of my thigh (85 percent), though with a tingly sensation.
Wishing these things get better:
Strong burning sensation that remains on the very front of the hip when lifting my leg, aka my "Captain Morgan" position. I still have to lift my leg with my hand to avoid pain when g…