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Dance like nobody's watching

As I read a fellow Hip Sister's blog tonight, I felt a pang of compassion and a tug at my heart. No matter where we are or what we do, we Hip Sisters are connected in so many ways. So I felt inclined to write to her and also to tell you what I told her.

Go easy on yourselves, ladies.

Pre- or post-surgery, we need not beat ourselves up over our limitations. Getting back into a routine is hard after a PAO. At three months post-op, I'm still struggling to lift weights and dance the way I could before surgery.

In my dance class, I usually am in the front, leading the others and looking graceful and competent. The past two weeks, I've situated myself in the back. Because I can't do some of the moves and have pain, I feel discouraged. Same goes with lifting weights. Unable to lift as much as I used to, I feel that everyone's looking at me and thinking, "Gosh, she's weak."

I want to wear a sign that says, "I'm recovering from major surgery" so ever…