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10-mile hike

... and I held together pretty well!

Last weekend, I put my hips to the test, hiking more than 10 miles in a new natural area. The first trail was mostly flat, with a few deep coulees. The second trail was up, up, up and then down, down, down.

Around mile 6, my left hip started to ache pretty badly. I made the last mile to the end and was able to sit for a while. By the time I started the second trail, the pain was gone.

And that was the only problem I had.

I used to feel terrified that I won't be able to make it back when I walked only a few blocks. Now, though I have random pains, I know the actual hip dysplasia pain isn't going to keep me from a few blocks ... or a few miles.

Happy girl.

9 months post-op RPAO


That's my right hip. At nine months post-op, each day seems to be different. This hip has behaved much differently than the left side, and honestly, some days I want to send it to its room.

Some days, like today and yesterday, I have enough soreness that I almost limp. Oh, who am I kidding? ... I limp. My Captain Morgan problem is magnified and it even hurts to lie on my stomach or the right side.

Other days, I feel no pain, and Captain Morgan only shows up when I'm really lifting my leg while bending the knee.

As for the rest:

Numbness remaining: about 20 percent still numb in spots. (Much better than left side.)Deep itching/stabbing sensation comes and goes. About one instance per month.Clicking every so often. (I hardly notice.)Scar is still healing. I hardly pay attention to these anymore, so I really can't say how it looks.Plenty of pain on certain days in the front of the hip above my thigh. It's a burning sensation, unlike most other "hip dysplasia&quo…