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Missing my Hip Sisters

Sam, Sarah, Lauren, Laura, Beth, Marina, Jennie, Rachel, Shelley, Terri, Stacey, Brenna, Kirsten, Christine, Carly, Brandie and so many others ...

I miss my Hip Sisters.

Having a PAO meant letting go a this disability of mine. In the process, I've also let go of the women who encouraged, understood and supported me. I've hardly kept up with my girls, though I think of them very often. The surgery has come and gone, and so has my subsequent need for this connection. I apologize for not being there to return the favor for some of you.

Without these sensational women, I wouldn't have had a PAO and changed my life. I wouldn't have had the information I needed going into the surgeries and I wouldn't have known how to cope with this whole thing from the beginning till now. (Is there ever an end?)

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and how you've enriched my life. I'm sorry if I didn't mention you by name; if you've ever written with support a…

Crooked as a question mark

In my last post, I mentioned my "terribly crooked tailbone."

My last doctor and I looked at at pre- and post-op x-rays, which showed my tailbone pulling sharply to my left. Though we initially thought the surgery had caused the shift, the pre-op x-rays showed the same thing. Seems hip dysplasia was not my only problem; the construction of my entire pelvic region has been wacky from the start.

The doctor is certain, however, that the PAO caused an unnatural pull on the muscles/tendons/ligaments from the tailbone to the hip area, triggering the pain I've been feeling. It may get better with time; it may not.

I do not regret having my PAOs. I do want to note, though, that experts are still gathering information about long-term success of this surgery, which began in Switzerland in 1984. I am not a doctor, and I am not an expert in this subject. But I do feel that unexpected side effects (like tailbone pain) are more common than these top-notch surgeons are currently taking no…

Tailbone saga

On July 10, I had a procedure for my tailbone pain. The official term: caudal epidural steroid injection. The casual term: pants down here's a needle.

Basically, the doctor places a needle into the space between the sacrum and tailbone and injects the steroid, which affects the spinal nerves. The purpose of the injection is twofold: 1) if it provides pain relief, it shows that area is the source of the problem. 2) if it provides pain relief, it provides pain relief. :)

Anyway, the procedure was a little painful, and I had some minor reactions to the steroid (flushing, sleeplessness, soreness at the injection site). Since then, I've had no relief from the initial pain, I'm sorry to say.

I'm glad I gave it a shot (pun intended) and am considering my options. Unfortunately, the last doctor I saw said the chances of losing the pain were slim since my tailbone is so terribly crooked. The next step is "manual therapy," in which a doctor massages the muscles around the…