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2 years post op LPAO/scar pic

My left hip turned 2 today.

Like a toddler, it asserts its independence more each day. It says "no" to sitting on the couch, "no" to giving up on ever-so-challenging squats and lunges and "no" to the life I led two years ago.

I happily report:
I have zero restrictions.I have zero pain when walking, working out, etc.Range of motion is about 95% of what it was before surgery.My "numb" patch is now a "tingly" patch. There now is sensation where there was none before. Because of this, I still get the deep itching, stabbing pain in my thigh on occasion.My only issue is when I work out too hard or lie in a certain position. Then I get a deep pain on my backside at the top of the pelvis.I also still feel the deep groin pain I've had since surgery when doing "clam shell" type movements or deep squats and lunges.Tailbone pain also turns 2 today. Boo. I couldn't be more proud of my 2-year-old!


I have to admit my guilt.

I've been feeling bad for how well I've been doing. After reading through a few of my hip sisters' blogs and recently receiving news of another hip sister who has been through a terrible time, I question whether I should continue to post my successes.

I know how it feels. The envy, the disappointment, the "why me." The "why not me." I don't want to cause anyone to feel this way after reading my posts.

So I ask myself: Why do I post the good stuff? And I answer:

For a personal record of my journey.
For a reminder of how far I've come.
For never forgetting to be thankful for my good fortune because it could be gone tomorrow.
And most importantly, to inspire all of you who hope to reach the point I'm at today.

So I continue to write about my physical and emotional successes and hope you understand my reasons. And if you don't, maybe it will make you feel better knowing that I still have chronic tailbone pain. :)