Thursday, April 3, 2008

Load 'er up

I used to think that because I had so much time before surgery, it would be easy to get my work and my life ready for a two-month hiatus.


I'm lucky that I get to take a lot of paid time off work, but I'm unlucky that I'm the only one in my office who knows my job. Both jobs, actually, since we haven't found anyone yet to replace the one I just left. When I tell people I'm leaving for surgery in 10 days, they think it's an invitation to give me as much work as they can before I leave. Not exactly what I had in mind. And because of what I do (web content editor) they assume that I'm going to be working from home after surgery and give me work to do then. While I do hope to get some work done from home, I really don't want a waiting list of things to do to distract me from the recovery. Sigh.

I have less than two weeks before I leave Colorado. I have lots done, but lots left to do, like spring cleaning my apartment before I leave, packing and picking up a few more things I need.

I know, I know. Don't stress. It will all work out!

Luckily, I get a three-day weekend in the Colorado mountains as my good friend Tammy gets married on Saturday. Yay!

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MY PAO STORY said...

Hi Cassie!
Try to relax and enjoy your last days of walking without any assistance!! I hope you keep us posted when you are in the hospital!!