1 year post-op RPAO

A year ago today, I woke up in a plush hotel that overlooked Commencement Bay in Tacoma, Washington. My mom and I took an early morning walk in the misty weather and picked up giant, brightly colored fall leaves from the ground.

A few hours later, my pelvis was cut open for my second surgery in seven months.

It seems like much longer than a year since that day. My initial recovery was smooth, and though it was not easy going through the long process, I'm so glad I did.

Happy to report I can:
  • Walk, run, do squats, lunges, with no pain in the joint, no matter how hard I work it. (And I've been working it pretty hard.) No limp or sign of dysplasia/surgery.
  • Sleep on my side all night.
  • Feel a larger percentage of my thigh (85 percent), though with a tingly sensation.
Wishing these things get better:
  • Strong burning sensation that remains on the very front of the hip when lifting my leg, aka my "Captain Morgan" position. I still have to lift my leg with my hand to avoid pain when getting dressed, putting shoes on, etc. The strength is there, but it burns in that muscle a lot.
  • Range of motion about 85 percent of what it was pre-surgery.
  • Tailbone, which is a disaster.
  • Appearance of the scar, which is fading but still noticeable.
  • Deep random stabbing/itching sensation every once in a while, which must be from the nerves still recovering.
I'm not as happy with the outcome of the right side as I am with the left, but overall I can't complain ... I can hunt for leaves all day long if I want to now. :)


WOW....squats and lunges!!!! I'm jealous..... I can't do them very well....but that just may be because I am not in as good shape as you...and nothing to do with my hip!!! :)
Glad all is well :)
Matt said…

Do you know of any PAO surgeons in CO?

I'm in CO Springs for the holidays and have had a complication pop up for which I may need some local advice, preferably from a PAO surgeon.

Thanks for any referrals you can give.

Cass said…
Hey Matt,

In my research, I only found one doctor in CO who had PAO experience, and I can't remember his name! I believe his first name was Ernie, but I'm not sure. He's in Denver, and I tried looking him up but didn't find anything. I'll keep trying and let you know.

I have been doing my follow-ups with Dr. Herbert Thomas in Englewood. He doesn't do PAOs but is a colleague of my surgeon's. I really liked him. (303) 789-2663

I'm sorry about your complication. Good luck, and I'll post again if I can remember the dr.'s name or clinic.


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