2 years post op LPAO/scar pic

My left hip turned 2 today.

Like a toddler, it asserts its independence more each day. It says "no" to sitting on the couch, "no" to giving up on ever-so-challenging squats and lunges and "no" to the life I led two years ago.

2 years post-opI happily report:
  • I have zero restrictions.
  • I have zero pain when walking, working out, etc.
  • Range of motion is about 95% of what it was before surgery.
  • My "numb" patch is now a "tingly" patch. There now is sensation where there was none before. Because of this, I still get the deep itching, stabbing pain in my thigh on occasion.
  • My only issue is when I work out too hard or lie in a certain position. Then I get a deep pain on my backside at the top of the pelvis.
  • I also still feel the deep groin pain I've had since surgery when doing "clam shell" type movements or deep squats and lunges.
  • Tailbone pain also turns 2 today. Boo.
I couldn't be more proud of my 2-year-old!


Cassie - I'm so happy to hear that you are doing so well!!!! It's comforting to hear positive stories :) Just wanted to stop by and say WAY TO GO!!!! Take care, Carly

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