Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I only look normal

I'm finding that I can't talk to many people these days without them mentioning or asking about my surgery. I've slowly started to tell more people about it, but only those who will notice I'm missing for two months. I've always been a strong person physically and emotionally, so this whole hip thing is not only hard for me to swallow, but it's also confusing for others to understand.

I mean, I look normal, right?

Take last night. My volleyball team and I finished our match (victorious!) and then headed to our familiar watering hole. Over a couple of pitchers of beer, my friends joked about me possibly meeting a guy in the hospital (um, weird). The ultra cute new guy on our team didn't know the situation (which was fine by me, thanks, friends!) so I had to fill him in. His response was like so many others I've heard:

"You sure seem to move around the court okay."

To which my awesome friend Adrienne said, "She hides pain really well." I simply smiled.

I totally get Steve's comment. I really couldn't expect anything else. It was flattering and inquisitive without being insulting. The complete opposite of, "I call B.S. on the bad hip story," which I heard in December after an especially fun round of hula hooping. Even though it was supposed to be a joke I think it was a little harsh.

Which brings me to my favorite part of this post:

The most interesting responses I've heard regarding my surgery
          • "Don't take those painkillers, you don't want to get hooked."
          • "Not sure how you'll be doing after your surgery, but want to go to a Cubs/Rockies game in May?"
          • "Are you excited? My dad just had his knee redone."
          • "How often do you think about the surgery?"
          • "I have bone spurs in my toe."

My "hip sisters" may be the only people who find these as amusing as I do. The comments came from people who really mean well; they just don't know the whole gist of a PAO. I love that they care enough to talk to me about the surgery, I and look forward to many more comments like these!

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Lauren said...

I have to say my favorite is the bone spur in toe comment. It's as absurd as when I first moved to this country from South Africa. We got everything from "Do you have salad in Africa?" to "I have a cousin in Kenya, do you know him?". No kidding, people never cease to amaze me.
Hang in there and keep smiling because most of the time the joke is on someone else.