Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 1

Other than being pretty groggy and unbearably itchy today, Day 1 post-op has been successful and eventful.

Though my epidural has numbed both legs (the non-op side better than the op side, go figure), I was able to sit up and swing my legs off the side of the bed this afternoon, less than 24 hours post-op. Okay, so I didn't really swing my legs; it took Mom, Vanessa and me about two minutes to accomplish this!

Vanessa (my physical therapist) also had me doing isometric exercises, which caused a few tears to fall, not from pain, but from the heartache of not being able to move more than an inch at a time. It's hard to make the switch from strong and athletic to weak and incapable. Vanessa told me not to be so hard on myself and that with my determination, we should be able to make it home by Friday.

I think I'm going to go off the epidural tomorrow morning so I can stand and walk tomorrow. Yay!

My pain is at a 1 when not moving, a 3-5 when I'm trying to get up.

I am receiving one of two blood transfusions for the day. Not a single person who's come into my room has passed on the opportunity to tell me how pale I am. My hemotocrit had dropped to 26, so I'm getting my A+ buhlud back. They moved my IV from my hand (a painful spot) to my arm, so I've had no pain during this transfusion, which takes four hours per unit.

Today I also changed beds because the first one wasn't big enough for the hip CPM and didn't have a trapeze. They just slid me over on the backboard and pulled me onto the other bed.

I want to claw my skin off. The Dilaudid in my epidural makes my stomach and back so itchy I can't stand it! Mom has had to grab my hand and slap me to keep my hands off my skin. They gave me Benadryl last night but I didn't notice any difference. Will ask for something else soon.

My nurses so far have been fantastic. Such a nice change from last time.

So hard to get sleep. The nurses are in here every one to two hours. Looking forward to getting more than a couple hours' worth at a time!

All in all, doing well. And ready to go home already!


the girl said...

You're a rockstar!

I had the same numbness thing going on with my legs, where one (the operated one) was number than the other). I had the nurses lower my epidural setting from 8 to 6 the first night - that helped somewhat. Than in the morning she lowered to a 4 and the numbness went away!

Sending you happy thoughts!

abnacy said...

Glad you're doing so well!! Good luck walking tomorrow!! I always wonder about the CPM machine cause my Dr. didn't use it. Will you have it just for a few days or longer? Glad your nurses are nice, but yeah.. it would be nice to be left alone for a bit!! Enjoy the free juice and jello :)

MNav said...

Gld to hear the good news! For some reason, I wasn't ever itchy, but I was nauseaus for three days and couldn't eat anything but fruit. My stomach bloated like a balloon until day three and I got the dreaded supository.

Sorry to hear about the epidural. I wish I could meet one of those lucky people who get numbness in only their operated leg! I had no feeling in either.

I thought the nurses were great when I was there. Unfortunately, I can't remember their names to ask you to tell them 'hi.' Joey was funny and he forced me to use that spirometer each time he was in the room so I would increase my ever-low oxygen level. The girl who was always on with Joey was great, too.

I was very pale at first and didn't feel well until I got my two units of blood. Hope it perks you up. Good luck with everything!

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