A-list ... or two

For a while, I was able to NOT think about my surgery. That was for a few weeks back in November/December. Now, I tend to think about it.

A lot.

I'm hoping that if I put some lists together, I'll be able to focus on something else. Like my job, which is incredibly busy right now and would benefit greatly if I would stop thinking about my hips for a second!

Having the surgery away from my home and away from the place I will be recovering makes for an extra long list, I found. Below is the main list of things I need to take care of in the next three months, in no particular order.

To do list
  • Forward mail
  • Arrange plant-waterers and apartment check on-ers and make keys
  • Haircut, pedicure, teeth cleaning
  • Change Blockbuster online address
  • Give blood (two units)
  • Meet with HR
  • Find backup doctors in MT and CO
  • Arrange PT in CO
  • Order Millennial crutches
  • Arrange wheelchair/walker
  • Arrange handicapped placards
  • Get meds in MT
  • Make hotel reservations for me/family
  • Make car rental reservations
  • Plane tickets with Alaska Airlines/Horizon (the only airline with a nonstop flight from Billings to Seattle)
  • Buy special clothes, socks, shoes, stuff for hospital
  • Start taking Vitamin C (1500mg) and iron (350mg) daily
  • Fill out pre-op paperwork
  • Clean and prepare apartment for return
I also have lists of:
  • Questions for Dr. Mayo
  • Items needed for the hospital
  • Items needed for recovery

I think my mind will be able to rest a little once a few things get checked off these lists. Patience is not my strong point, and this whole process has been a tough lesson thus far! (Not sure if I'd get a passing grade!)


mikenisky said…
Since I didn't see any comments...just thought I'd add one. I had a PAO on 28 Dec 2007, so I'm just about 4 weeks into recovery. I feel great, off pain meds over 2 weeks ago and am easily mobile on crutches. Dr Michael Millis from Boston did the surgery. If I can help out, shoot me an email.
Cass said…
Thank you! I'm glad your recovery is going well, and I hope it continues to do so!
mikenisky said…
So...how are you doing? Should be pretty bored by now from laying around. I hope all is well. At close to 51/2 months I'm painfree. Yea, that's painfree...it's so different and so nice. Hope you are progressing toward the same.
Cass said…
I'm doing super, thank you! I actually haven't lain in bed (except to sleep) since Week 3 post-op. So I'm not bored at all! I'm in very little pain, only every once in a while do I get an ache or shooting pain. Very happy so far! I'm glad you're pain free now. How cool!

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