Surgery doesn't scare me.

Not so much the surgery itself, like I've mentioned before, but the limitations I will face afterward. I'm sitting here thinking of the activities I've been able to do this year -- snowboarding (or snowfalling, which more accurately describes what I was doing) bowling, dancing my heart out to BodyJam, playing volleyball with my team, shooting around in the gym, getting extremely buff via weightlifting in the gym.

Not that the aforementioned didn't involve some degree of pain, fear or frustration, but I was able to do them. And when you're passionate about something, that's all that matters, baby.

Speaking of babies ... Not that I'm a parent, but I compare this surgery to getting said child. Meaning that everything you do afterward changes. Even the simplest of things must be planned, and nothing is just a "quick trip" or an "easy chore."


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