I'm so confused right now. After reading a few recent posts on the hipwomen online support group, I'm now seriously starting to rethink this whole surgery idea.

One woman wanted the group to know that after having a PAO in one hip and resurfacing on the other, the resurfacing won hands down because her PAO hip was still "somewhat gimpy." After that, a few other women chimed in to say that their PAO hip has never really been normal, or that it was the best solution they had "at the time."

Oh geez.

I know it's late in the game to be backpedaling, but I have to make sure I'm making the right choice. I pleaded to the group to write in about their long term results and am waiting to see if there really great outcomes out there. I wrote:

"I really need your help. I'm supposed to be finalizing surgery details, including plane tickets, etc., in the next week or two. I would love to hear about anyone else's long term results, specifically people who are my age. I don't have debilitating pain on a daily basis, but I do hurt a lot when I walk too far, etc.

On paper, I know all the pros and cons. But I would love to hear more personal PAO stories ... what your hip feels like now and how much pain you're in on a daily basis.

I'm completely freaked out that I could have a PAO and end up with back pain, hip pain and a host of other problems that will require medical attention for the rest of my life (screw issues, need for a THR earlier than expected) simply because of the surgery. I'd rather just limit my activity if that's the only alternative.

Please help."

Anyone out there ... please help.


Anonymous said…

I am 46 had my first PAO Nov 05 (left) and my second June 06 so a relative newbie but on the older side...It is a scary decision and life changing you are going to be cut open and have your bones rearranged...Is it perfect no its not going to be...but with a lot of hard work, rehabbing, and support you can hike, shovel snow, exercise, yoga, and even run though maybe not as fast...and it may not be the wisest thing but again that depends on what stage of life you are in...Good Luck in retracking or backtracking. I feel your pain literally and figuratively

Anonymous said…
I worried about the same thing and what I have found is that the women who are on the support groups talking about post surgery are usually the ones who have had some trouble. Everyone's outcome is different because of so many factors that are at play. I am only 4 months post op so things could change but I already have seen results. My standing on concrete for 2 hours and not feeling pain was a big step forward. Hang in there and I think there are a lot of women out there that would say that the surgery was well worth it. Going into this with a positive mindset is so important to your recovery. Remember that we are all here for you and if need to talk to anyone you can email me from my blog and I'd be happy to give you my phone number.

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