Flattery, annoyance, exhaustion

Yesterday at work, I was asked out by a 23-year-old.

I was amused and flattered (I still got it!), but at the same time, I was also annoyed and upset because of my situation. I turned him down.

The ladies in my office harassed me a little, saying it wouldn't hurt to go out with him just once. Little do they know that it hurts just thinking about dating. Even if my time wasn't completely booked in the next three weeks before I leave for Montana, I would still have to explain to this guy that I'm going to be gone for two months and then really busy in the next few months with PT and everything else. Who would want to date me under those circumstances? And I'm truly not in a place where I can even think about dating -- my recovery is my focus. It has to be.

And then I start to feel sorry for myself, because instead of planning dates with handsome men, I'm planning a surgery. I feel like my dating life is on hold (has been since we booked surgery in November) and at 29, that's a little hard to swallow.

I'm just really overwhelmed right now. I'm covering two jobs at my work after switching over to a new position in the same office, so on top of two workloads, I'm also trying to learn the new job and fill my old position. Two of my friends are getting married soon, so I've been busy with bridal showers, bachelorette parties and one of the weddings is in two weeks. I'm also trying to spend as much time in the gym to make sure I'm strong for my recovery. Oh yeah, and I'm trying to get stuff ready for this thing I have coming up ... I think it's called a peary...assatab... something.

I'm exhausted. Physically and mentally exhausted. (A good test for what's yet to come.) I'm so looking forward to sleeping in and taking naps for six to eight weeks!

My final blood donation is tomorrow. Wish me luck, and a high iron count!


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