...and she's off!

Okay this is my first attempt at blogging, we'll see how I do. So after a nice quiet dinner and drink at our hotel we prepared for the big day. We didn't get the best night's sleep due to a couple of false starts, one being at about 1am when Cassie had a nightmare that we woke up at 6:30am as opposed to 4:15am as scheduled. So back to sleep, and then up again at 4am due to me having the same panic attack! So we were up!

As we were walking through the hallways on the way to surgery check-in I linked my arm around hers because I was afraid she would make a run for it. But after we made it through the surgery doors she did great! We found ways to amuse ourselves right off the bat and woke Mom up with a pic of us with surgical caps on! But let's get serious...Cassie did awesome. She wasn't nervous at all. Very silly actually. I got to see her victory dance that she uses at volleyball 'Fast Feet, Slow Hands' is what I believe its called. What a geek! I told her she would have to rename it 'Fast Hands, Slow Feet' for now.

The time came for IV's, sexy socks and VALIUM! Then she was all smiles and giggles and no more dancing. And THEN came the anesthesiologist!!! Oh boy was he handsome. So that brought nothing but big, wide, toothy, goofy grins! After he left I told Cassie that she was probably going to really embarrass herself by confessing her love as he put her under but not do worry because he probably gets it all the time.

Anyways, important details to remember:
5:15am check-in
6:15am IV placement
6:30am Valium
7am met anesthesiologist
7:30am Rolled away to surgery

The surgery itself is expected to last approx 4 hours but sx prep can take 45min to hour.


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