In the room finally

It is now 7pm, 6.5hours post surgery. It took 3 hours in recovery before I got to see her and that was actually the longest 3 hours of the day! I am so impressed at how coherent she was when I first saw her. As far as her condition, she has 0 pain when not moving. So far, because of the epidural, maximum pain would be 3ish. They will be bringing in the CPM machine shortly, so that may change. So far not much nausea but the only pain management is the epidural. Her biggest complaint is her sore throat which we are trying ice water and soft things. She has actually been able to eat a jello and yogurt. Resting comfortably so far. Not looking forward to tomorrow when they insist on making her move.


YEAH! So glad it is over and you are doing well!!
Beth :)

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