4 weeks post-op

Today I hit the four-week post-op mark. I've been told by many people that this stage in recovery is a big turning point. It's funny, though; I don't know how much more progress I can make that I haven't already. For that reason, I would like to start today's lists of post-op progress with one one of the things that I still can not do, rather than things I've accomplished.

Still can't do
  • Sit on the floor (bet I could if I tried)
  • Tie my shoelaces ... or anyone's, I suppose
  • Wear fitted jeans
  • Keep up with a normal person while walking with my crutches
  • Sneeze without feeling like my hip is going to rip apart
  • Sing anything like new American Idol David Cook (What can I say? Mom got me hooked.)
New accomplishments
  • Touch the toes on my bad leg when it's propped up, such as on the tub
  • Drive my car
  • Climb and descend stairs confidently
  • Sleep on my stomach and my good side with no odd feelings in my hip
  • Pick up items on the floor (easier when sitting)
  • Sit at 90 degrees comfortably (bye-bye cpm!)
  • Use a regular-height toilet seat
  • Carry stuff while also holding my crutches. I've actually been doing this for some time. My right hand takes most of the burden on crutches, so I can hold small things like a water bottle, shoe, remote control, etc. in my left hand.
My incision is looking SO GOOD! No more swelling or bruising, and the drain scars are hardly noticeable. There still is a bit of glue covering the incision itself. Below is a comparison between Day 6 and Week 4.


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