5 weeks post-op

A lot of things can happen in five weeks.

A rabbit can deliver a litter.

The Colorado Rockies can turn their season around and go to the World Series. (Last season, anyway.)

And I can now tie my own shoes and sit on and get up from the floor without trouble.

It's amazing what five weeks can do, no?

Lately I have been feeling as if my recovery is at a standstill. Luckily, I tried the shoe and floor tasks today and now have new accomplishments to brag about. I still feel great as a whole but not much has changed, including my complaints, which are few:

My hip is still tender to the touch on the outside and still stiff on the inside. I still fear -- like I fear nothing else -- the sneeze. I still sleep like crap and I still get bugged by having to use my crutches to walk even the smallest distance.

On the plus side, I haven't taken any pain meds in more than a week. I'm able to crutch around stores like Home Depot and Target without getting too tired. I'm getting so used to stairs that the other day, I accidentally went up a stair with my bad leg (which is a giant no-no but made me smile inside because it was such second-nature).

I'm doing very, very well, and am starting to think more and more about getting back to my old life.


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