Post-surgery must haves

Long-handled grabberMy most useful tool. I will be bringing this to the hospital, as well.
Get one here:

Hand sanitizer and moist wipes
Getting up to the sink was a huge chore, if not impossible at times. These were especially important in the hospital.

Small pillow for car trips
I used a pillow to place between my hip and the seat belt. It did not feel good to have the belt rubbing against my hip. I also used pillows to prop my leg and hold it in position since the car's stops, starts and turns made my leg move around.
Get this one here:

Long-handled scrubber for shower
A body poof attached to a long wooden handle was a dream for me to help wash my lower legs and feet while sitting on my bench in the shower (also a must-have).

It was nice to be able to change positions by putting my legs up so easily.

Water bottle with looped handle
I filled mine half full at night, froze it, and then filled it with water in the morning. The looped handle allowed me to carry it while managing crutches, and I had cold water all day long! I got mine at

Small backpack
Since a purse gets in the way of crutches, I needed something to haul my stuff in, either from room to room or while on outings.

Dry shampoo
Needed when I couldn't shower, great shortcut when I was just too tired to do so.
I found mine at Walgreens.

Sleep aids and other medications
I was only on narcotics for about two weeks. After that, I needed a sleep aid to get me through the night. I used Tylenol PM and the naturally occurring melatonin, which you can find in stores like Whole Foods. Also a must-have: colace for constipation. I also took iron supplements, vitamin C (to help with iron absorption), calcium and multi-vitamin. Please check with your doctor before taking any of these!

Removable shower head
The only way to rinse off certain body parts when sitting on a shower bench.

Slip-on shoesThe most difficult thing to find. The shoe needs to be loose enough to slip into easily, but supportive enough that you won't trip or slip out of them. The shoes I had weren't comfortable enough ... putting all your weight onto one side makes for a very tired foot, believe me. I'm still searching for the best pair for surgery No. 2.


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