Six down, eight to go

My least favorite part of the day is midmorning, when I have to give myself a shot of Fragmin, a blood thinner to prevent blood clots.

All my Hip Sisters know what a pain the butt ... er ... stomach they are.

I'm not really scared to do it; I'm not afraid of needles or the sting they inflict. But it's just hard for me to push that thing into my belly. If I think about it too much, I simply cannot do it and end up with my hand in the ready position for minutes on end! Mom laughs at me, but always tells me how brave I am when it's over for the day.

Six down, eight to go!


So glad you are doing well! You are brave - we all are!! Although, I was not brave enough to give myself the injections. I made my husband do it as I closed my eyes and turned my head.
Beth :)
Anonymous said…
I found the whole stabbing action to be a bit much for me. That was when I found myself over thinking things. I found that just pushing the needle against my skin was enough for it to go in. It's small and sharp enough. 14 total I am jealous I ended having to give myself 22 shots. Keep up the good work.
Lee said…

It's just a little thing...and think about it...just eight left.

Keep up the good work.


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