6 weeks post-op

At this point in my recovery, I'm definitely looking more toward the future than toward the past six weeks. I'm anxious to start walking again (two more weeks!!!), even though that brings on a whole new set of worries: Will it hurt? Will I limp? Will I need a cane? For how long? Is the physical therapy going to work? Is it going to hurt?

  • I stopped needing the Tylenol at night, so I haven't taken any pain killers for more than a week.
  • Last night, I stayed out until 1 in the morning, hopping from barstool to barstool and chatting with old friends at our hometown watering hole for the voting day festivities.
  • I get in and out of bed easily by pulling my leg up and around.
  • I can pick things up from the floor without trouble.
  • I'm starting to sleep better, finally. Lying on my stomach and good side do not feel uncomfortable at all.
  • I still get random sharp or aching pains in my hip maybe once or twice a day, and those terrible shooting pains in my groin sneak up on me on occasion. Sitting for long periods of time tends to cause the most problems.
  • My hip and upper thigh are still tender on the outside.
  • It still hurts to sneeze.
  • The numb patch on my leg still freaks me out, and I don't like having to touch it when I'm taking a shower or putting lotion on.
Each day, I grow increasingly annoyed with my crutches and tired of telling my story to strangers. I'm very excited to keep moving forward with this process so I can feel normal again!


Anonymous said…
Hey Cass-
It's Kirsten, from hipwomen! I still marvel at your progress. You and Beth are my idols. I love reading your blogs and seeing your successes. Congrats on going back to Colorado!

So I am curious...at 6 wks out, you are on 2 crutches and partial weight on op leg? You mentioned 2 more weeks. Do you think you will move to 1 crutch then or directly to a cane?

You are doing so well! Keep it up. I'll check back for your response or you can email me directly at davis_kirsten@asdk12.org


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