8 weeks post-op

If any milestone is big enough to mark the two-month point, I guess it would have to be returning to work full time. Today I made the hour trip north, worked a full day and then made the hour trip back home, where I went to Target, the post office and my favorite local Mexican restaurant for chicken tacos. I'm tired, but not overly so.

Tomorrow, I hope, is the day I hear from Dr. Mayo. I hope he tells me everything is healing fine and that I may start weight bearing (even if it's not 100 percent.) I'm terribly curious how it's going to feel to put my full weight on my leg for the first time in eight weeks. Eight weeks!

I've been feeling good, though not much different than I did at seven weeks. I still have the nagging pain when I sit; my hip is still tender on the outside and a bit stiff on the inside. My scar looks about the same as well, but I think some of the numbness may be going away! (Four week and eight week comparison below.) I'm sleeping much better, though still with a pillow under or between my knees. The best news yet: I can SNEEZE! It hurts a bit, but at the same time, it feels ... so ... good!

I made a physical therapy appointment for Monday evening, but I don't know if I should keep it if I haven't heard back from Dr. Mayo by then. Right now, though, it's something to look forward to, and all us Hip Sisters know how important that is, right, Kirsten?

I can't believe it's been eight weeks.


Anonymous said…
So true Cass...
I can't wait to read your comments when you hear from Dr. Mayo! Thanks for your uplifting and truthful words.
Amanda said…
Way to go, girl! Remember to listen to your body. If it says to slow down and relax, then listen to it!

Your scar looks really good. Remember the vitamin E oil!! It helps more than you can imagine.

Club 1300 is thinking of you!

Manda :)
Cassie - The scar is looking good!! Glad you are back to your "old life"!!

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