Back to the dating scene

There was an extended period of time when I was lying in bed, swollen and nauseous, unshowered and unshaven. I didn't feel like a human, let alone an actual girl. Dating was the farthest thing from my mind.

On Saturday, my first real day without crutches, I met three gentlemen who wanted my number. It's always flattering when someone wants to get to know you better, but it's even more so when your body has been through so much. I've made it through to the other side -- not only with the potential for a great hip -- but with a bit of feminimity to boot!

I say this not as an ego-booster or to brag. I say this to all the women who've had their pelvises inspected and invaded to remind them that they are still sexy. The modesty that we've lost and the scars that we've gained will not and do not change that.


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