A gentle reminder

Even though I have crutches growing out of my armpits, I feel like an average person. I am so tempted to put all my weight on my left leg and can't wait to try walking again.

But today, as I was making my way down the stairs, I was given a (not-so) gentle reminder that I'm recovering from major surgery: My crutch missed a step, and I almost fell down about six wooden stairs onto the tile floor.

I didn't hurt anything, but I nearly scared myself senseless. Just one small mistake, one misstep, and I could be back where I started, or even worse. I hate feeling, knowing that I'm physically fragile inside. I've always felt strong in mind, which is why I love weight lifting: It shows my strength on the outside as well.

I hate being reminded of my limits, but I'm also thankful to be kept in check so I don't make things worse.

All in good time...


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