Packing up

I've been busy today getting my things together. Packing has not been fun.

Last night, my brother came to town and we went out for a drink. I had such a good time hanging out with my hometown crowd. Being back here has really made me appreciate this little town and the people in it. I'm truly going to miss it.

On the plus side, looking at the photos of the night made me see myself as an ordinary person (and not a hip surgery patient). I'm really starting to feel normal again, if it weren't for those stinking crutches!

These past few days I've been having more pain than normal. Most of it is on the back side of my pelvis and the underside, which I feel when sitting. And some of it is on the front side. I hope that's just part of the recovery. Also, my left wrist has been hurting a lot -- carpal tunnel? -- and my right hip gets sore real easily. It's time to get off the crutches, me thinks!


Amanda said…
We welcome you back to FoCo with open arms. I'll e-mail you my phone number so you can call if you need anything. I'm off Sat-Mon now since I'm doing four ten-hour shifts for the desk now. Call if you need ANYTHING!


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