That tingles!

The past two days, I've jogged about 25 yards on the way back from my gym. There's no pain, but I'm forced to stop due to a very strong tingling sensation in my hip, under a patch of skin about the size of my hand.

It's the strangest thing. It tingles so much it almost feels numb. And it's not just the surface of the skin; it feels deeper than that.

Just add it to the laundry list of weird post-op feelings!


-D. said…
Jogging? That's SO cool! I'm at the point that I'd be happy just to take one unassisted step. Thanks for posting about the weird post-PAO tingles, I'm having some pretty powerful pings and it's a little reassuring to read your post.
Anonymous said…
cassie get well from the honick family, Amy, steve, cole, riley
hey good luck

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