Buhlud Part IV (The Finale)

Thank goodness I'm done blood-letting.

The process is quick and simple, but I feel the effects for a few days afterward. Tired, tired. I went in today with my hemotocrit having dropped 3 percent from last week. Which made me anemic going in, and even more anemic coming out.

I have 18 days to make more. And I look forward to getting a transfusion after surgery with my own beautiful blood.


MNav said…
I had trouble with my numbers dropping, and in the hospital I was highly encouraged by Dr. Mayo to take a third unit. I had one in the OR and two on post-op day two. He said part of the problem is that redheads are bleeders. I also think I started a little low because I gave blood three weeks and two weeks out from surgery.

The nurse who drew my blood said to take Vitamin C with the iron and not to take/drink calcium. She said vitamin C helps iron absorption and the calcium inhibits it. I was taking calcium because I'm over 30, but I felt my blood count was more important so I'm not taking it anymore. I'll start up again later.

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