2 weeks post op RPAO

I cannot believe how well I'm doing. I was hopeful this recovery would be as easy as the last, but better? No. I didn't know how that was possible until now. I hope the upcoming weeks pass as smoothly.

In addition to the mounds of progress I've already made, this week I can add:
  • Using a regular-height toilet seat
  • Driving my car (I only went a little ways, just to re-park it at my parents' place)
  • Getting along splendidly on crutches
  • Taking only oxycodone in the morning and at night and a couple Tylenol during the day
  • Sitting and rising without using my arms to lower/raise myself into chairs
  • Changing positions in the night fairly easily
  • Moving without much stiffness
  • Going up stairs easily. Down is still a little tricky.
  • Not needing the colace and metamucil anymore, thank goodness.
I still don't have a lot of stamina or energy; that will come in time. I'm probably a bit anemic from the surgery and have some blood to make. I'll continue with my iron supplements for the next couple of months.

Hip pain is a 2-3 when changing positions, rising and sitting, and sometimes when crutching. Otherwise there is none.

Once again, I am a lucky girl.

See how I felt at two weeks post op LPAO.


abnacy said…
Wow, congrats on your progress! Hope I can be that fast next time around... do I really have to do it again?? :)

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