I remember feeling surprisingly "untired" after my last surgery. Day after we got home, I was ready to travel and get out of the house.

After this surgery, I probably will recall the opposite. I'm drained and just want to lie in bed and sleep all day. Outings sound utterly horrendous, mostly cause that would mean I have to put some effort into my appearance. No, thank you. That would cut into my lazy time too much!

I've started to wean off the pain meds, too hastily it feels at times. I'm taking 20mg of Oxycontin twice a day and about 5mg of Oxycodone and 25mg Hydroxyzine a few times a day as needed. The narcotics are starting to give me hot flashes and stomach upset, so I'm hoping that Tylenol will fill their shoes.

Still not steady on crutches, so it's slow going physically as well as mentally!


abnacy said…
I'm almost at 4 weeks and just realizing that I'm fatigued! Just getting ready and putting makeup on/hair/clothes gets me too tired to actually want to leave the house! Next time I'm staying in my jammies and maybe then I'll have energy once I'm out! :)
Feel better, Cass! Being tired is part of the deal.

Anonymous said…
Hang in there. Listen to your body and don't feel guilty whether you do more or less this time around. Your body has been through a tremendous amount in the last year and it's not surprising that this time around you'd be more fatigued. As you know though the worst is behind you. Enjoy being with your family.
Carly Beth said…
Hey there, I'm not sure if you remember me but I was talking to you months ago about PAO's. Anyways, I finally had my PAO done by Dr. Mayo on 10/31/08 so I was actually @ Tacoma General the same time you were! I've been reading through your blog. I would love to keep in touch. Hope all is well and good luck with your recovery. Take care, Carly

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