5 weeks post op RPAO

The best thing about being five weeks post op is that now I'm more than halfway through this whole crutches saga. Three more weeks, and I'll be (hopefully) learning to walk again.

In the past week I've:
  • Had very, very little pain. No shooting pains, burning nerve pain or soreness in the joint. I now have the urge to take a step on my own, like it won't hurt at all to do so.
  • Learned a new trick. I can put my socks on like a normal person: sitting in a chair and reaching down, rather than lying on my back and attempting bringing my leg to my chest.
  • Attempted crutching on snow and ice. Not easy. Luckily, the latest batch has melted and we're back to dry land.
  • Gave myself a pedicure and painted my toenails a festive bright red.
I haven't been very good about doing my isometric exercises, so my goal is to do more of what I can so I'm ready for physical therapy come January. I wanna kick butt like Marina.

See how I felt at five weeks post-op LPAO.


the girl said…
You'll kick more butt! I am so sore right now...I walked all over the mall with a friend, damn Banana Republic 40%off sale. We got there at 7 and left at 10. OUCH.

The trick I learned with socks was to move my leg back and the the side while sitting (so that the top of the foot is on the actual couch next to you or whatever it is you are sitting on).

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