Two surgeries and three B's

As I was lying awake last night, I had a bit of an "ah-ha" moment.

See, while this recovery has been smoother physically than the last one, it's been tougher on my state of mind. Bored, blech and blah are the three "B's" that would summarize these past weeks. I've been comparing my two surgeries a lot lately (which was my first no-no) and finally realized that I'm not just recovering from my RPAO. I'm also still feeling the effects from my LPAO.

By the time January rolls around, I will have been on crutches (full- and part-time) for four and a half months out of the past eight. For an additional month, I worked out muscle fatigue and soreness while learning how to walk again.

I hate to complain, but simply put, it's been a long and challenging eight months.

Of course, I still have a ton to celebrate. Both recoveries have gone wonderfully, and I have no surgeries scheduled in my future, which is such a relief. The benefits of having two surgeries so close together have outweighed the drawbacks.

Soon, my state of mind -- and my "B's" -- will change to bright, bustling and blessed.


Brick said…
I just love those "ah-ha" moments. On the plus you are on the down hill with a lot of future ahead of you! Love ready your post...
Shelley said…
I will be going through the same thing in a few weeks. I like to read your blog becasue we are on such a similar schedule for both paos. I will be having my left one done almost exactly 7 months after the right so by reading your blog I can see what to expect.

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