12 weeks post op RPAO

Three months post op on my right side. Just like the other one, sometimes I can hardly believe it's gone by so quickly and sometimes it just seems to drag on. Tonight as I walked by the gym as my volleyball league was in full swing, I just had to sigh. I hope to be playing in a couple of months, but sometimes (ok, all the time) it's hard to be patient.

  • Walking is 90 percent without any pain in the joint.
  • No limp or stiffness what so ever.
  • Numbness is going away, already better than the left side.
  • I can stand and walk for hours on end without pain.
  • I can lightly jump, no pain.
Still working on:
  • Range of motion. I can't bring my knee to my chest like I could before. External rotation also is a work in progress.
  • Getting in and out of the car, standing from a squatting position and any motion that involves raising my knee to move my leg (like driving) still take work. I can do all of these without using my hands to move my leg or pull myself up, but it hurts a bit.
  • I haven't tried jogging yet, but I feel I could if I wanted to.
  • The area around my incision is still tender to the touch, or clothing.
And that's that. I haven't felt like I've been progressing very quickly this past month, but even small gains are good news.

See where I was at 12 weeks post op LPAO.


Abner & Jennie said…
Yay Cassie! So glad that we're this far out from surgery... it feels great to have a life again:)
Enjoy every minute.

Anonymous said…
Yippeee Cassie. It's all fantastic news!! Glad to hear it has all gone so well. It gives me hope for when I have to do the other side.
Stacey said…
Feels great to walk again with no limp, eh? I'm so happy for you, Cassie! And I hear ya on bringing the knee to the chest - something I'm still working on ten weeks post op.


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