Showing up is hard to do

My first back week at work was good, but more difficult than I had expected. Whew, I was tired.

Not used to standing and walking so much, my feet, legs and hips felt bruised. Not used to sitting so long, my tailbone was really aching. And not used to waking up at 7 every morning, I was sleepy. By the time I drove home, all I wanted to do was go to bed. I got about nine hours a sleep each night but it didn't feel like enough.

I only made it to the gym on Monday and Saturday this week, which makes me feel like a bum, but I'm trying to cut myself some slack. I only hope my motivation returns along with my stamina.

And it goes to say that no matter how great you feel two months post-op, it takes time to readjust to a normal schedule. This recovery is long, long, long.

I'm betting this week will be easier.


Anonymous said…
I sympathize with you on getting back to the routine. You had asked me if I struggle with getting the motivation to go to the gym...everyday, I struggle everyday. The thing that keeps be going is knowing that the more I work out, the better I feel. My husband always tells me that I have way too much motivation. So, really I don't have any secret, I just think good thoughts and think about how I always feel so good (like I have accomplished something) after each PT session or night at the gym.

Good luck!!!


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