Missing my Hip Sisters

Sam, Sarah, Lauren, Laura, Beth, Marina, Jennie, Rachel, Shelley, Terri, Stacey, Brenna, Kirsten, Christine, Carly, Brandie and so many others ...

I miss my Hip Sisters.

Having a PAO meant letting go a this disability of mine. In the process, I've also let go of the women who encouraged, understood and supported me. I've hardly kept up with my girls, though I think of them very often. The surgery has come and gone, and so has my subsequent need for this connection. I apologize for not being there to return the favor for some of you.

Without these sensational women, I wouldn't have had a PAO and changed my life. I wouldn't have had the information I needed going into the surgeries and I wouldn't have known how to cope with this whole thing from the beginning till now. (Is there ever an end?)

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and how you've enriched my life. I'm sorry if I didn't mention you by name; if you've ever written with support and advice, I'm so very grateful for that.

Thank you, ladies. I wish you all well.


the girl said…
Thank god for facebook :)
Jen said…
Thank you, as well, for your help and advice! I am continually astounded at the community we have all built, and I am so much better for it. Good luck and stay in touch! I am on facebook too...the link is on my blog. Stay well!
Brick said…
I have read your blog multiply times and found it to be very helpful. It's amazing how posting a few sentences can help another get through the worry and stress. Although the journey is never really over I am glad to have shared this part of the road with you! Keep your head up they'll get your tail bone figured out.
-D. said…
Just want to say that you were a great help with my PAO preparation last year, I think you were 3 months ahead of me with your first hip. Glad your hips are doing so well, if only that tailbone would cooperate!! Take care & feel good!!
Anonymous said…
You've repaid me ten times over just by blogging and letting me know what to expect--you had your second when I had my first, and it helped immensely! The hip sisters have been like a crutch for me through the more scary times, and now that I'm getting on with life post-PAO, I find that while I don't need that crutch as much as I did then, I am still grateful for everyone's perspective and support. I'm sorry to hear you're still having problems. I am a little bit too, with low back pain and muscle tightness in the front near the incision, but am trying to deal with it--at least the arthritis pain is gone! Take care, Christine

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