9 months post-op RPAO


That's my right hip. At nine months post-op, each day seems to be different. This hip has behaved much differently than the left side, and honestly, some days I want to send it to its room.

Some days, like today and yesterday, I have enough soreness that I almost limp. Oh, who am I kidding? ... I limp. My Captain Morgan problem is magnified and it even hurts to lie on my stomach or the right side.

Other days, I feel no pain, and Captain Morgan only shows up when I'm really lifting my leg while bending the knee.

As for the rest:

  • Numbness remaining: about 20 percent still numb in spots. (Much better than left side.)
  • Deep itching/stabbing sensation comes and goes. About one instance per month.
  • Clicking every so often. (I hardly notice.)
  • Scar is still healing. I hardly pay attention to these anymore, so I really can't say how it looks.
  • Plenty of pain on certain days in the front of the hip above my thigh. It's a burning sensation, unlike most other "hip dysplasia" pain I had pre-surgery.
  • Zero pain while walking, unless it's a bad day. I'm dancing (Zumba and Body Jam), walking, lifting weights, playing basketball, etc.

My hips are becoming a thing of the past, can't believe it's been nine months since surgery No. 2. I'm not 100 percent happy with the result thus far, but close.

I continue to be thrilled that I'm through the recovery process!


JenXer said…
I had Righty done in 2006, and I felt many of the same symptoms you did post-op: the deep itching/stabbing feeling, the clicking.

For what it's worth, although those symptoms stayed around for a *long* time, I can honestly say I don't feel them anymore, nearly 4 years out- so there's still hope!
Anonymous said…
Hi, Cass

Thank you for sharing your experience here. My name is Jing from California and just disgnosed Hip Displasia three days ago. There are lots of decisions to make. I am kind of scared. Your experience and pictures help me a lot. Thank you
Cass said…
Hi Jing,
I'm glad my blog is helping you a little. It is scary, but there is a lot to be hopeful for. If you have any specific questions, I'm happy to try to answer them.
Take care of yourself!
Anonymous said…
hello all, I just found these blogging sites and found that it is helping to know that there are people out there in the same bout as I. I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia after about a year + of persistant groin pain last year and told to follow up since I at the time did not feel my abilities were extremely limited and the orthopedic surgeon said I did not have any arthritis yet. I now a year later am scared to make the yearly follow-up visit as I am scared of the decisin to go ahead with surgery. I am an orthopedic-neurological nurse, so I do a really good idea of what is in store for me. My dilema much like others I imagine is the recover. I ask myself everyday if I need the surgery now since I can still walk and only have pain with progressive or continuous walking without a decent break. I no longer however jump on the trampoline or do any kind of quality exercise for fear of the pain and or dislocation. I am so unsure if I need the surgery now; can I wait and get through another year, or do I do it now in hopes everything will work out well and I can continue with normal everyday activities and some form of exercise. How does one make the decision? I assume I will need PAO on the R since the is the side that causes all the pain and possibley the L down the road as this side doesn't usually cause any pain but does pop and click frequently. Am I right in thinking i will take pain killers for about a week, crutches for ever partial weight bearing, full weight bearing around 3-4 months with back to work then too. This is such a huge decision and life changing event and I am scared. My how the table has turned from being the providor to being the one to rely on everyone else and feeling totally helpless!

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