I vant to suck your blood

Today, Maryanna called from United Blood Services to schedule my autologous (ah TAH luh gus) blood donations. I need to give two units before my surgery.

The first will be March 6 (which puzzles me because they told me blood has a shelf life of 42 days, which makes it older than that by the time I have surgery. Note to self: Double check with nice ladies to make sure they aren't making a mistake. I only have so much to give, people).

The second will be March 13th. I was told to drink 64 ounces of water the day before I donate, eat a big breakfast the day of, and bring my driver's license. Alrighty then. I've never given blood before, only plasma, so this will be interesting.

I've read the reports questioning the benefit of donating blood before surgery. Some say that giving blood so close to surgery can actually make a person weaker and more likely to need a donation afterward. Some people have relatives donate for them so they don't have to donate themselves but are getting blood from someone they know and trust.

Me? I'm just going to do it. And hope that I am nice and strong for the big day. It's a good excuse to eat a lot of yummy steaks, right? :)


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