From the hipwomen online support group has emerged my favorite surgery quote. In regards to needing to become comfortable with the idea of having surgery, hip sister Amy says:

"You're right about embracing the decision. Right now, I'm just not quite to the embracing part seems like trying to embrace a porcupine."

Amen, sister.

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Hip Chick said…
Hi Cass,

I TOTALLY get the looking normal part! Everyone I know looks at me funny when they find out that I'm having this done. I too have a very high tolerance for pain (soon to be truly tested...) and it's also not like it just kicked in overnight. I'm sure you're like me - the pain dial has been ever so slowly cranked up over the years so that what you notice are the sharp jags that have increased in frequency and not the underlying constant gnawing pain. I also feel like being the girl with the bad hips doesn't define me, so I don't wear it on my sleeve which is also why it's such a surprise to others.
That said, since I've seen Dr. Buly, I think about the surgery CONSTANTLY!

best of luck,
LH a.k.a. Hip Chick NYC

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