All booked up

Insurance, you better come through for me. My mom and I booked our airline tickets today. Billings, Montana, to Seattle, Washington, and back.

I leave early on April 22 to make it to my CT scan at 12:15. My sister flies in from Detroit and should meet up with me by my pre-op appointment at 1 p.m. My mom will fly in on April 26 and my sister will fly back on April 27. Then me and Mom should be flying back on April 29 (unless I get out sooner, but hopefully not later!)

It's kind of a small plane, so we'll be nice and cozy on the way back. I chose the handicapped seat and requested wheelchair assistance, so I think we're set!


Sounds like you everything planned! Remember to bring COMFORTABLE clothes! I left the hospital in a sweatsuit that had gotten too big - but fit snug after surgery - (you WILL be swollen!!)

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