Oh yes. Yes, it is funny. And quite relevant to today's post.

I gave myself a present today that I may get to use once my surgery rolls around. One unit of beautiful, burgundy blood.

Everything went well today, with the exception that my iron count wasn't as high as it should be. I really don't know how that's possible with the supplements and extra care I've taken with my diet, so it's a little disconcerting. If a woman wants to donate for other people, her iron count needs to be 38 percent (higher for men). Autologous donations, however, only require 33 percent. My number was 37.

When I go back to donate my second unit on the 27th, I can expect to lose about 3 percent, I was told. That's too close for my comfort, so I'm going to increase the supplements a bit and be even more cautious of my diet. I feel really lightheaded today, and if I don't get my numbers up, it will be even worse next time, and I'll still be weak before the surgery, which I really don't want.


Hip Chick said…
Hi Cassie,

I used to be a very, very regular blood donor (before I started to traveling to Malaria zones for work and otherwise.) Being a woman and a vegetarian, it can be a challenge. What I found helpful was to drink a lot of water and eat a big meal the night before and then have a substantial breakfast the day of. Drink a lot of non-caffinated fluids and eat some high-energy foods after the donation. Skip the workouts until you are 2-3 days post-donation.

You can do it!!!

At least you are taking the supplements before donating! I didn't know I was supposed to! I gave one unit in FL and the next week gave one in Boston at my pre-op. It was also "that time" of the month when I gave my second unit. I was VERY lightheaded and tired after - and made my husband get iron pills that night! I took them everyday until my surgery.

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