Lucky 23

One month to go.

After I told my brother last month about my surgery date changing, he said something that I think makes lots of sense: The number 23 is lucky.

I've always liked the number, and I wore it quite a few years in basketball after my hoops hero Michael Jordan. Now it will have even more meaning to me ... so much better than the 16th! I'm really not superstitious, but I'll take all the positive thoughts I can!

I am so ready for this. Mostly because I'm tired of thoughts of surgery saturating my every waking moment.

A lot of us Hip Sisters have been talking about making our own T-shirts. I decided to make one for my "coming home" outfit. (I feel like a newborn.) My favorite site is ... a little pricey, but the apparel and design options are endless and you get these cool model photos to show you what your shirt will look like.


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