I've heard other women say that right before their surgeries, their hip pain got extra strong. I'll admit that I thought it had to be in their heads.

I've learned that while it may be in their heads, it's also in their hips. Mine hurt. Hurt hurt hurt. It could very well be subconscious, but it's still painful. I think it's nature's way of saying -- if nature could speak English: "Don't back out of this surgery. You're doing the right thing. See? See how much this hurts? It's only going to get worse until you fix it."

Let's fix it!

I realized today that I only have four more weekends in Colorado before I leave for Montana and then Washington. Makes me sad, mostly, to leave my home and friends behind. But I am looking forward to getting through this.


Hip Chick said…
Hi Cass,

I definitely had more pain in the 3months before my surgery, but every now and then I would have a day with almost no pain at all. It was as if my body was telling me that it was time to get this done and then occasionally giving me a preview of what life would be like afterwards.

The wait is one of the hardest parts. As of today, I'm 5 weeks post-op and I feel great.

Hang in there!

You are doing the right thing!! I had days where I had no pain - then wondered if I should go through with it - then BAM!! PAIN! My "good" or should I say "better" hip has been hurting a lot more- bu was told this will happen during recovery - as most of your weight is on the "good" hip. I assume the other will need to be done - and will NOT be afraid to do it! I am now on a cane - and yes, sometimes walking with no aid. I am 8 weeks out today!

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