Day 4

Today started out with no hope. I had a huge emotional breakdown because I was so discouraged and worried about how I was going to get home. To sum it up, thanks to a pop in my hip and one really good physical therapy session I feel fantastic and want to have have a drink to celebrate. (Mom is going to have one for all of us)

They took my urinary cath out this afternoon despite my fears of not being able to make it to the bathroom. My physical therapy following cath removal was fabulous! I walked out to the hall, turned around, saw the view from my hospital window (very pretty) and then came back to the room and sat and stood several times. I still have problems advancing my bad foot forward but I'm hoping that will be better tomorrow. I am using the bedside commode.

Ever since my hip popped, my pain has been much more manageable. My sister leaves tonight, which makes me sad. We are hoping I will be leaving on Tuesday.


Anonymous said…
Cassie I am SOOO proud of you, I knoew you could do it, glad to see you are making progress. Hang in there and I am thinkin of you.
Love you girl

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