Finally hear from the doctor

At about 1:20pm Dr. Mayo came to talk to me and let me know Cassie was out of surgery and on her way to recovery. It can take 1-2 hours before leaving recovery for a room. Details of the surgery I will leave for Cassie to elaborate on but I will give my layman's rendition. There was some sort of cyst in the joint space that needed to be removed, which would account for some of her discomfort. It was sent to pathology but Dr. Mayo said there was really slim chance that it would be anything but benign. Also her labrum was torn so that was repaired. When I asked about the debridement of that joint space, he said it wasn't needed once he got in there. So that is the gist of what I know so far. I am so worried about her in recovery. I am dying to go in there!


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