Weekend getaway

Holy crapinola.

It's been a busy week. Not really sure where to start ... hmmm ... how about with the good stuff?

I spent a lovely weekend in Winter Park, Colorado, where my good friend Tammy got married. I almost brought my computer so I could keep up with work, but I'm SO glad I didn't. Even though we were kind of busy, it was such a relief to get away from it all. I would highly recommend to anyone with an upcoming surgery to plan a small getaway before the op. It was a dream to be distracted enough to forget about all the serious stuff for awhile. Plus, I danced and danced and danced at the reception, and even though I was sore for the whole next day, it was worth it!

Speaking of being sore, I wanted to make a note of the pain I've been having. Note: there's lots of it.

I'm amazed at how quickly my pain has progressed, and how many more types of pain I'm having. I used to only have problems with the left hip, deep in the groin area. (I'm self-diagnosing myself with a laberal tear.) Now I'm getting sore in both sides, closer to the outside of the hip, which is where the dysplasia itself typically rears its ugly head. There's also random shooting pains, more popping and grinding on the back side, and just an everyday ache that wasn't there before. It takes me a day or more to get over being active rather than just a few hours. All of these changes have taken place in the past six months. I'd heard from everyone that the pain comes on strong and fast, now I truly know this to be true. I'm genuinely grateful that this surgery might fix all that.

Having been gone for the past two weekends, I'm definitely feeling the time crunch as I have 10 days left in Colorado. Lots of loose ends to tie up.

P.S. My crutches showed up the other day! I've been trying them out around the apartment and definitely am going to have my mom make me some cushy covers for the underarm part because they already are making me hurt a little.


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