The Best Shower Ever

I took my second shower at home today, which reminded me that I forgot to post about the shower I took in the hospital, The Best Shower Ever.

The Best Shower Ever happens on a Monday afternoon, five full days after I had showered last.
The Best Shower Ever is letting hot water massage my back, which I had been lying on for five straight days.
The Best Shower Ever is rinsing off the feeling of dozens and dozens of strangers' hands touching my arms, legs, feet, stomach and back to check my vitals, my wound, my everything.
The Best Shower Ever is cleaning up the five days worth of grime and sweat from my hair and body.
The Best Shower Ever is washing off the nurse-induced, fear-induced, pain-induced tears that had run down my face and neck.
The Best Shower Ever is feeling clean again after an operating room full of people has been extremely intimate with a very private area of my body.

Here at my parents' place, I shower while sitting on a shower bench. My mom lifts my leg over the tub, and I use a hand-held shower head (very, very handy). With the help of a long-handled scrub brush, I'm also able to clean my legs and feet. It's much easier than I had first thought it would be. I love being able to shower anytime I feel like it, but nothing can ever top the feeling of The Best Shower Ever.


Hip Chick said…
Hi Cassie,

It makes me happy to read how well you are doing! Showers can be a beautiful thing - I remember how happy I was to finally have clean hair again after a week...

You will get better and stronger every single day. Every week you will be well ahead of where you were 7 days earlier.

be well and stay positive!

Anonymous said…
you are awesome cassie, I knew you would do well. yayay for showers and thinkin of you. take care, Joy

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