Today was my last Fragmin injection, which is a relief because my poor tummy is dotted with little, sore, round bruises.

To celebrate, I decided to partake in an adult beverage this evening, my first since before the surgery. I had three glasses of wine and decided I better stop. Nobody wants to see a drunk girl on crutches. Or a drunk girl on crutches fall down. My crutches fall down enough as it is.

Speaking of which, why doesn't somebody invent some kind of kickstand so the darn things don't tip over so much?


Anonymous said…
Congrats Cass. It's all about the milestones and reaching them. Now set your sights on the next one and bit by bit you get there.
Ant Seller said…
Hi Cass... my 18 yr old daughter is prepping for a left PAO and FAI surgery with Dr Millis in Boston. I have some traveling questions. How many days did you wait before getting on the plane and do we need first class or can she survive in the front seat on Southwest Air. Also, were you able to use the tiny bathrooms on the plane??? Love your blog and thank you for it.
Cass said…
Hi Lisa!
After my first PAO, I traveled on Day 7, after my second PAO, I traveled on Day 4. I didn't fly first class. A regular seat was ok, as long as it's on the aisle. I didn't use the bathroom on the airplane ... it would be difficult trying to crutch to it if there isn't one at the front of the plane. And if I recall, they are pretty low to the ground. BUT, I think it is do-able if necessary. You also could ask this question to the 1,200 awesome members of the PAO facebook group if you are on facebook. Highly recommended!
PAO Facebook group
I hope that helps ... please feel free to ask anything else that you're curious about.
Ant Seller said…
Hi Cass... thanks so much for your reply. We are all booked. I wanted to see where you stayed in Boston? We are looking into the Yawkey family inn but are wondering how comfy the beds are for Claire once she is out of the hospital and with us for a few days.

Thanks! Lisa
Cass said…
Hi Lisa, I actually was on the other coast! I had mine in Tacoma with Dr. Mayo. Sorry I can't be of help on this one!

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