Follow-up care

I made my eight-week follow-up appointment today after talking things over with Dr. Mayo. Instead of flying back out to Tacoma, I am going to see an associate of his in Denver.

Prior to the past couple of weeks, I was adamant that Dr. Mayo would be handling all of my follow-up care. I didn't want to compromise anything. My thoughts started to change a few weeks into recovery. While I still don't want to compromise the health of my hips, I've had no problems thus far and would rather not travel alone on crutches and spend the money on the plane ticket.

Dr. Mayo said that because the eight-week appointment is fairly routine (x-rays and passive range of motion check) he's okay with his associate doing the check-up and reporting back to him. I will need to go to Tacoma for my six-month appointment, though.

I'm SO looking forward to getting the thumbs up to start weight bearing.


Cassie - as long as you and your follow-up doctor have good communication, you will be fine. I have not seen Dr Millis since I left the hospital. My doc down here sees me every month for x-rays (which I mail to Dr Millis) and routine exam. Dr Millis and my doc down here have been in contact through letters, and I keep in contact with Millis through email. I won't see Millis until he is taking out my screws in July!
Keep up the good work - you are through the toughest part of recovery!
Beth :)
abnacy said…
Hey Cassie,
My name is Jennie and I'm probably going to get 2 PAO's done within the next year or so. I'm just starting to learn about the whole procedure and recovery process... man, I didn't know the scar would cover that much area. It really scares me, how'd you deal with it and prepare yourself?

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