Weighing in

I'm not used to so little exercise. Actually, I'm not used to no exercise.

In my old life, I used to start my day by descending 26 stairs. I'd walk around a college campus all day at work and then climb back up those stairs a time or two on my way to a volleyball match, the gym, my dance class or a walk in the park.

These days, I don't really climb stairs; I drag my feet, one at a time, slowly up till I reach the top. I walk from the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen and do arm lifts as I eat my ice cream nearly each night.

I feel lazy and yechy.

So today, I decided to drag out the scale to see just how bad things were. I know I'm thin, but I've been a little worried about my weight, mostly before the surgery, cause my metabolism isn't what it used to be.

The good news: I've lost about six pounds. The bad news: I've lost about six pounds of muscle. A few of my ab muscles and a lot of my left leg muscles have shrunk, and a much softer material has taken its place.

My right leg is holding up like a champ and is amazingly strong. I do get a little out of breath when I push myself on my crutches, but I'm also careful not to go too fast and miss a step.

I can't wait to start physical therapy in a few weeks. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait.

P.S. My mom had a dream last night that I came bounding down the stairs and running toward her, saying, "Dr. Mayo said it's okay!" So even my mom is dreaming of me getting back to normal. That's gotta be a good sign. :)


Cassie - once you are healed you will get that muscle back! I have lost about 10 lbs since my RPAO - and even with the amount of exercising I have been doing, my legs (especially my right) are not as toned as they were. They feel "flabby" and "jiggly"! I'm sure once we can do more rigorous exercising we will have nice legs!!
Keep up the good work!!

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